En-Net and Corsa: Powering-up your Firewall for 100% SSL Inspection

The 2nd month of work-from-home/social distancing grinds on.  Kudos to the Network Engineers for keeping their networks safely connected to remote workers.  The core of safely withstanding the increase in data being transferred has been your firewall.  One thing we know. . .data grows.  The traditional response, to maintain you level of security, when additional data and traffic become too big to ignore,  is to layer on additional firewalls.   With so many of us at home, and the data continuing to put pressure on your network, you may be at the point where adding additional firewalls is looming. En-Net would like to introduce you to another option.

Introducing Corsa, a turnkey network security virtualization platform streamlines deployment, management, and operation of a virtualized next-generation firewall so you can inspect 100% of your traffic, including encrypted traffic.

Is your network able to maintain 100% encryption, notwithstanding the other demands placed upon it?  What would it do to your budget to deploy enough appliances to guarantee total inspection?

Corsa gives you a cost-effective alternative to vertical build-out of firewalls.  With Corsa you can create a platform that scales arrays of virtual NGFW or any other virtual security services. It’s simply a matter of ordering more inspection capacity as needed, rather than having to build and deploy more physical appliances, and as a result you get far better TCO.

Please reach out to your En-Net Strategic Account Executive for additional information, or to schedule a Webinar to see a demonstration of the effectiveness, ease of deployment and efficacy of Corsa Security Solutions.














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