En-Net Services: Seeing Change as a Value-Add

Volumes have been written about Change.  Embrace it.  Anticipate it.  Roll with it.  Try to be ahead of it.  At En-Net we see change in the solutions our customers are looking for, in the innovations our Manufacturer Partners develop, and in our Company-wide focus on meeting our customer’s needs across the ever-widening spectrum of IT products.  Change is part of who we are and what we do.

Traditionally, change is seen in one step increments:  either looking back one step or looking into the immediate future.  It is far more difficult, and far more productive, to look upon change with a longer perspective.  To view change as a continuum, some of which we cannot yet see.  Whether the change is a big one, or an imperceptible one, it is the line-of-change that truly provides definition and texture to what we generally call growth.

At En-Net, our office building shows that continuum of change.  What started in a dining room, grew into, and out of, traditional office space in Frederick, En-Net’s home is now an anything-but-typical office space.  60 years or so before En-Net existed, our building, as the story goes, was a factory producing torpedoes for the War effort in the 1940s.  A couple of generations later, amidst the body building craze of the ‘80s, it was “the” place to be seen pumping iron.  A few years of mixed office space followed, prior to our acquisition in late 2008.  Little could those factory workers during WWII have imagined the noise of the assembly line would someday be replaced by the noise of 50 lb plates dropping on the floors.  The state-of-the-art technology that currently resides and moves through En-Net today would have been a wonder to those office workers only 15 years ago.   While the structure of the building has remained constant, what happens inside has changed dramatically:  we are a long way from making torpedoes!

In business, in our careers, or in life, facing change is about more than one transition: it is about seeing the full line of changes that we stand amid, whether we recognize it or not.  At En-Net, we embrace our line-of-change.  Who knows what this building will house in 10 years.  A brewery?  A robotics lab?  Or perhaps a fully automated driverless vehicle repair shop?  What we do know is the next change. . .is just the next one, not the last one.  We apply this philosophy to the technology partners we engage with, our customers – challenged daily with the fast-paced advance of technology – and to our En-Net team members: focused on today while looking forward, toward the next technological adaptation.

There is one other thing about change:  some things don’t.  The sun rises in the East, day follows night, and The Baltimore Orioles will definitely win it all this year.   Also, great customer service never goes out of style.  At En-Net, the first thing you learn, and what is reinforced continually – the pulse of our company – is the mantra “Built upon Relationships.”  In a world of change, we know we must work hard to be both an agent of that change and stewards of our customer’s best interest through that change.  We strive to prove that with every interaction with a customer, future customer, or vendor partner.  We look forward to proving it to you.

We love that our building was once a torpedo factory.  Come by and see us:  we have a torpedo (inactive and perfectly safe!) hanging over the main entrance.  It is a reminder that our space, like our company, our people, and the town we are proud to be in, Frederick, has evolved, grown, expanded and changed.  It also looks pretty cool.

We are in a great spot – we’d love to share that with you.

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