How to Make Your Business Technology More Environmentally Friendly

How to Make Your Business Technology More Environmentally Friendly

Follow these tips for a more eco-friendly business!

With earth day on the way, it’s time to consider how to bring an environmentally friendly perspective to your business technology. As your business grows the need for energy increases–whether its server space, floor plan, or infrastructure, the more you grow the more power you will need to run your operation. With this in mind, it’s important to take your carbon footprint into account. Especially when you consider that these increased power needs come with a larger bill as well.

At Your Office

When you begin to look at ways to limit your energy consumption the place to start is in your workspace. Your building is likely to be your biggest source of energy use, and it’s the most effective area to improve your efficiency. Start by making sure your building has the proper amount of insulation so that you can improve your energy use by way of heating and air conditioning costs. An even easier way to improve your energy use is to update all your lighting to LED light bulbs. In an office, it’s likely that you’ll have significant amounts of lighting, which means replacing the bulbs can have a serious impact.

It can also help to update your building’s systems to minimize any heating, cooling, and electric costs during weekends and off-hours. Technology like timers and motion sensors will help to ensure that no electricity is wasted

Additionally, when it comes to server rooms, using virtualization can help condense the machines needed to a smaller number of more efficient, and powerful workloads. As you’re evaluating areas you can save energy it is also good to determine if there are any applications that are no longer necessary. Retiring unneeded programs can help reduce your overall energy consumption significantly.

Data Center Energy Use

For small companies that use data centers, special attention should be paid to rack mounting computing infrastructure, cooling solutions, and building layout. Updating your systems in this sector can allow for better functionality while also cutting down on energy needs. SSD arrays, for example, are ultra efficient and can use up to one-tenth the power as traditional means. Another solution is to utilize cloud providers to maximize the energy efficiency and. When it comes to business technology, outsourcing your data workload can be the best choice both environmentally and financially.

Bring Your IT Needs to En-Net Services

If you’re ready to update your IT solutions with a more energy efficient and effective setup, En-Net can help you.  En-Net Services, is in our 22nd year as an IT provider, can help you identify and deploy strategies to keep your IT needs in check. To develop a plan to lower energy use and cut costs you can contact En-Net to speak to one of our Account Managers. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you navigate your system to find where you can save and improve.

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