How to Pick the Right Data Storage Solutions for Your Organization

How to Pick the Right Data Storage Solutions for Your Organization

Read on to learn much more about picking the proper data storage solutions for your entire organization.

There are all kinds of factors to consider while picking the proper data storage solutions for your organization. Most importantly, you will have to decide whether you want to use on-premises or cloud storage solutions. Also, which kind of storage server will your organization use? There are three main solution types – network-attached storage (NAS), local storage, and storage area network (SAN). Read on to learn much more about picking the proper data storage solutions for your entire organization!

Primary Data Storage

While picking the proper storage solutions for your organization, you have to consider the amount of data you store, the costs, redundancy requirements, and accessibility requirements.

Local Storage Solutions

Local storage is great for small businesses with limited amounts of data storage needs. Also, there are various options that organizations can pick from regarding enterprise storage. The first choice is on-site digitalized storage. This means companies store confidential data on physical servers within the premises. Also, on-site digital storage is an excellent choice for businesses that want to maintain all data in one spot. On the other hand, central server storage refers to any third party managing any centralized servers storing all company data.

Network-Attached Storage Solutions (NAS)

Network-attached storage, or NAS for short, is nice for medium-sized companies that will require more redundancy and more simple access to their data. So, a NAS device will store data, and various devices could access it on your network. In addition, this option is great if you have a lot of information to store and want all devices to have access to it. It also has connectivity directly to the network, and anybody on the network is able to access it. Moreover, it is affordable but provides slower performance and much less scalability than the standard storage area network (SAN).

Storage Area Network Solutions (SAN)

Storage area networks, or SAN for short, are best for legitimate businesses with a lot of data that has to be accessible fast. Furthermore, SAN utilizes a network of multiple storage devices, usually managed by an IT individual or an entire team. This setup is a bit more pricey but offers much quicker scalability and performance. Our team can help you with any storage solutions, too, so give us a call when you need assistance!

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