Network Threats for Both Local and State Governments

Network Security Threats for Both Local and State Governments

The amount of cyber security threats that local and state governments must face is on the rise.

With the wide range of technology ever increasing, the amount of cyber security threats that local and state governments must face is also on the rise. While these facilities never hold highly secret information, they do still have valuable data that should be kept safe. Personal information like school and driving records, voter registration data, personal identification details, social security numbers, and more are all kept by these branches of government. Plus, governments are usually turning to network-based operations for public facilities. All of this information and capability could easily be used for the wrong intents if it was to fall into the wrong hands. Read on to learn which network security threats could be targeting local and state governments and how En-Net Services could help!

Understanding the Threats

Over 66 percent of cities in the United States have moved to using smart-city technologies. This includes streetlights and systems that all operate more efficiently, adjust their brightness, and even take note of any illegally parked vehicles. Other methods, like water treatment facilities and dams, also use network-based operations. There have already been some attempts at cyber-terrorism on all of these different fronts. Back in 2013, there was a breach in cyber security at a dam in New York that almost led to cybercriminals gaining control of floodgates. Luckily, a critical control cable had been dislodged before the attack. Scenarios like this are reasons why government branches need a team of IT experts constantly monitoring and protecting their systems.

Internal Security Threats

One of the most common causes of all security breaches is usually unintentional. Employees might accidentally open up malware which has been hiding in a legit-looking email. Employees opening phishing viruses or malware by mistake is one of the top causes of data breaches. To prevent these, all staff has to be trained properly on what to look out for and how they should be responding to suspicious emails.

Regulations Always Changing

Data security is more important than ever because of the ever-spreading nature of technology and its increasing use in the public sector. Not only is it required for protecting sensitive information, but in the cases of traffic and waterworks, breaches in security could lead to destruction and death. Federal and state regulations are always changing to require modern, intense security measures. If you would truly like to learn more about network security for your government sector, give En-Net Services a call today!

En-Net Services Can Help Today

Experience a superior method of getting the public sector technology solutions you need through forming a partnership with En-Net Services. Our seasoned team members are familiar with the distinct purchasing and procurement cycles of state and local governments, as well as FederalK-12 education, and higher education entities. En-Net is a certified Maryland Small Business Reserve with contract vehicles and sub-contracting partnerships to meet all contracting requirements.

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