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    Automate and digitize your data capture, inventory management, enforcement, and asset management with Zebra Technologies and En-Net Services.

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  • Automated Inventory Management

    • • Manage your entire supply chain with automated efficiency.
    • • See everything you have on hand, or on the move, in real time.
    • • Easily track and view quantities, status and locations.
    • • Conduct inventory counts in minutes or hours instead of days.
    • • Replace spreadsheets and paper with seamless digital management.
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  • Supply Chain Visibility and Security

    • • Securely track your supply chain with pinpoint accuracy.
    • • Instantly know the status and location of any asset.
    • • Maintain a complete chain of custody for compliance.
    • • Tag and track your inventory and assets securely.
    • • Manage it all with automated efficiency and accuracy.
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  • Asset Management

    • • Track, manage and maintain your assets with digital efficiency.
    • • See the location and status of any asset in real time.
    • • Automatically capture and update asset data in the field.
    • • Digitize your maintenance and inspection workflows.
    • • Eliminate paper-based workflows and data re-entry.
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  • eCitations, Licensing and Enforcement

    • • Issue and print eCitations or licenses in seconds.
    • • Scan licenses, permits and documents.
    • • Securely access databases and info in real time.
    • • Auto-populate citations, forms and data fields.
    • • Manage it all with digital mobile efficiency.
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  • Barcode Label, RFID and ID Card Printers

    Barcode Label, RFID and ID Card Printers

    • Enable faster, higher-quality printing at lower overall cost.
    • Print labels, tags and ID cards faster and more reliably.
    • Print 1D/2D barcode labels for virtually any size and format.
    •Print and encode RFID tags for wireless tracking and locating.
    • Print high-quality EMV and magstripe ID cards on demand.
    • Save on maintenance and support with best-in-class solutions.

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  • Mobile Computing Technologies

    Mobile Computing Technologies

    • Enable faster, more efficient, and more reliable workflows.
    • Run resource-intensive mobile apps with blazing speed.
    • Simplify workflows with easy touchscreen interactions.
    • Capture 1D/2D barcodes with advanced performance.
    • Connect via HD video, voice and push-to-talk in real time.
    • Save costs with rugged military-grade devices.

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  • RFID Solutions

    RFID Solutions

    • Tag, track and locate your inventory and assets wirelessly.
    • Read and locate tags remotely with handheld or fixed RFID readers.
    • Automatically identify and track items at rest or on the move.
    • Get real-time visibility into your supply chain, inventory and assets.
    • Easily maintain a detailed and digital chain of custody.
    • Save labor, time and cost with automated tracking and updates.

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