Toshiba WSCA/NASPO Contract Information

En-Net is proud to be an authorized reseller on the Toshiba WSCA/NASPO Contract.

  • Toshiba Master Price Agreement: B27176
  • Contract Term: 9/1/2009 – 8/31/2012
  • Products: Laptop, Notebook & Mini-Notebook

Authorized States: Delaware

Toshiba Quoting Information:

Please contact the WSCA/NASPO sales team at 301-846-9901 or at

Purchase Orders can be issued to:
712 N. East Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Attn: WSCA Sales

Orders can be sent to:
or FAX to: 301-846-9902

Federal ID Number: 52-1977379

Please include the following on each PO:
Delaware WSCA Contract – B27176 & GSS09133-COMPUTERV19

To contact an En-Net Account Manager, email or call 301-846-9901 and ask for the Toshiba WSCA/NASPO sales team directly.

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