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From patient identity to mobile healthcare and real-time intelligence, En-Net and Zebra deliver technology solutions that empower frontline staff with a performance edge to deliver the best patient care.

Positive Patient Identification: Reduce Errors, Control Costs, and Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Up to 14% of medical records include inaccurate, potentially dangerous patient data as a direct result of failures in patient identification.
  • Patient identification errors are the primary factor for 13% of surgical mistakes and 67% of transfusion mix-ups in the U.S.
  • Over 30% of the errors that result in preventable adverse drug events occur during patient medication administration.
  • Redraws, retesting and additional treatment that result from sample identification and reporting errors cost the healthcare industry an estimated $200 million to $400 million per year.4

Ensure Patient Safety with Zebra’s Comfortable, Durable Wristbands

Durable, comfortable wristbands are the backbone of positive patient identification. Zebra’s portfolio of direct-print laser and thermal printable wristbands offers proven solutions for every department workflow— from admissions to discharge, and every step in between.

  • Z-Band® Thermal Wristbands

    Z-Band wristbands are one of the most durable thermal wristbands available, with a broad range of adult, pediatric, and infant options designed to ensure reliable scanning under all conditions.

  • LaserBand®

    Every Zebra LaserBand is made with lay-flat, anti-wicking materials that resist temperature and humidity changes to reduce printer jams and protect against moisture and hand sanitizers.

  • STATBand

    Emergency response wristbands help responders quickly and accurately identify, record, and track people and their personal items at the scene of an emergency.

Trust Your Wristband Printing to A Specialist

ZD510HC Desktop Printer
The ZD510-HC Wristband Printing Solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC direct thermal printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market – Zebra’s Z-Band® wristbands. Also capable of printing wristbands for amusement, water-park and entertainment applications, you get dependable wristband printing that increases patient safety and staff productivity.

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