Change. Changing again. Changing Back.

IT pros, being scientists, are realists and have been doing a terrific job of sail adjusting for the last 3 months.  While we are not out of the woods with COVID19,  the talk about the “new normal” is now sprinkled with the occasional comment about the ease of restrictions, as well as a return to what I guess we’ll call the “old normal”,  whatever that will be!   So, prepare to adjust the sails some more.

For now,  we are in an hybrid normal.  Most of us working from home offices, some of us working part-time from home, and all of us wondering if/when we will return to our traditional offices.  Additionally, it seems likely that some form of work-from-home will remain after COVID19 is neutralized.   So, since your home office is likely to be, at least in some way, a permanent a permanent part of your work life, En-Net, and Aruba Networks, have some ideas about strengthening and securing your home workspace, and preparing your office for the big return.    

No doubt your home Wi-Fi has been fine during all this, but as we keep an eye on this becoming semi-permanent, upgrading your Wi-Fi is upgrading your job satisfaction.   Aruba’s Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client that runs on an employee’s device establishes a secure VPN connection , and enables them to access corporate resources safely without the need for additional network devices in the home.  Or, Aruba Remote Access Points (RAP) offer multiple options for a secure cloud solution that supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.  If you option the Aruba RAP, you can scale up or down as your stay-at-home needs change.  Up to 400% increase in network performance, AI powered optimization and enhanced Security.   Your home needs are specific, and your En-Net Strategic Account Manager can assist you with finding what is perfect for you.   Further, En-Net and Aruba can help your organization standardize of home office access points to reduce costs.

And someday there will be a return to the traditional workspace or office.  What then?  Desk sharing, and communal work spaces will likely be scrapped.  Space will have to be found for us to spread out a bit further than before, full office reorganizations are likely, and there will be adjustments that we cannot yet envision.  What is certain, is that your network needs will change.  In preparation for those changes, Aruba can help you make assessments that will make the transition back to “old normal” a smoother one.  Your En-Net Strategic Account Manager stands ready to partner with you.

Keep adjusting your sails.  And keep yourself well.


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