How 3D Printing Can Help Your Business

How 3D Printing Can Help Your Business

3D printing, which began as a niche service, is now predicted to change the world of production one day.

3D printing, which began as a niche service, is now predicted to change the world of production one day. So, it is no surprise that many wonder if they can use 3D printing to create their products. For many categories, the answer is yes – but how? To understand how brands can incorporate this technology into their business models, you have to learn about 3D printing on the most basic of levels. Here are some of the benefits of 3D printing for your business.

Saves Time and Avoids Pricey Startup Costs

The usual process of developing a custom product, like a watch band or sole of a shoe, requires that molds are created to cast or shape the wanted design. Molds can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, making it pricey to take on. 3D printing eliminates this entire step, as materials are printed directly onto a surface to make a product.

Customize Your Offerings

One other exciting aspect of 3D printing is that brands can customize their offerings more efficiently, as well as offer limited-edition collections. 3D is perfect for creating one-off pieces, and small-batch runs because of the reduced upfront expenses and minimal reliance on physical labor, factors that drive up order volumes at the usual factory. 3D printing has now made the production of certain items much quicker.

Experimenting with New Materials

Another benefit of 3D manufacturing is that the costs and potential for low order volumes make it great for testing out new materials. Even if 3D printing is not the long-term answer for a specific product or collection, its flexibility now allows companies to test out new concepts before investing in massive production runs. More freedom to experiment with 3D printing results in more innovation, less waste (as testing on a particular material can be done before mass production), and ultimately better customer satisfaction. This makes 3D a huge win-win for both suppliers and buyers.

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