Email and Communication in Your Organization: How Can You Secure Your Information?

Email and Communication in Your Organization: How Can You Secure Your Information?

Online communication too has some pitfalls for businesses that value the importance of digital safety.

Business communication in today’s world is attached to the global context of communication. Many companies now work remotely after the pandemic, which means embracing and adapting to the digital world we’re now in. This also changed the methods of communication considerably, leading to convenience for organizations everywhere. However, as every convenience comes with a price, online communication too has some pitfalls for businesses that value the importance of digital safety. No organization can afford to be indifferent about this problem in times when cyber attacks and information leaks are frequent, even for tech giants. Read on to learn more about protecting your organization while communicating!

AI and Its Impact on Your Email Communications

We live in an era of AI-powered conveniences where upcoming industries might surprise people with what human-made intelligence is capable of – from personal communication to other business tasks. AI add-ons can automatically compose emails for you in your inbox. But when it comes to business communications, you have to think twice before you hand over sensitive data to an AI writing assistant. When you input information onto an AI composer, you are essentially giving a third-party system access to whatever you’re inputting into it. Even if the AI claims to be secure, cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other unauthorized access are always a risk that might expose your organization. So, you have to weigh the convenience of AI-assisted writing against the possible fallout of a data leak. AI can be a great tool, but when it involves confidential data, its best to be on the side of caution with strong security protocols.

Don’t Allow Personal Emails in Your Workspace

You will often find a colleague sometimes using their personal email for work-related tasks. This is a serious security risk just waiting to screw over your organization’s assets. Personal email accounts don’t have the strong security features and data protection required for organizational communications. They’re a lot more susceptible to hacking and phishing scams and are a surefire way of putting your organization’s private information right in the crosshairs. It is worth noting that the average data breach can cost you millions of dollars. Just one compromised personal email account might expose client records, financial data, and other trade secrets – causing regulatory nightmares, lawsuits, and also damaging your reputation. That is why enforcing a strict “no personal email” cybersecurity policy is crucial for shoring up your defenses. Also, secure organization accounts should be provided with tight security protocols and other access controls. Data breaches aren’t a joke, so fostering an environment of email security awareness from the top to bottom goes a long way.

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