How to Protect Valuable Data For Your Organization This Year

How to Protect Valuable Data for Your Organization This Year 

Data breaches result in financial loss and could damage an organization’s reputation, erode customer trust, and even lead to serious legal ramifications.

In this digital era, where data is the new form of digital gold, protecting your organization’s valuable information has become important. The surge in cyber threats, along with the increasing sophistication of hackers, poses a serious challenge to businesses around the world. Data breaches result in financial loss and could damage an organization’s reputation, erode customer trust, and even lead to serious legal ramifications. This blog aims to serve as a legitimate guide for organizations looking to navigate the treacherous waters of cyber threats and secure their prized assets. Read on to learn more!

Valuable Data You Have to Protect 

Understanding the kinds of valuable data your organization holds is the foundation of effective data protection. Here are a few categories of data that are usually targeted by cybercriminals: 

  • Intellectual properties (IP): Intellectual property represents the creative and innovative assets of your organization, encompassing everything from patents and trademarks to proprietary technologies and trade secrets. These assets are the lifeblood of a lot of organizations, giving them a real competitive edge in the market. The theft or unauthorized disclosure of IP could lead to severe financial losses, erode the competitive advantages, and even jeopardize your organization’s survival. Consequently, understanding how cloud DLP works is becoming very important for safeguarding intellectual property stored or shared through your cloud platforms, providing an additional layer of protection against any unauthorized access or potential data breaches. 
  • Customer Informationand Data: customer information includes personal data that is collected during business transactions, like names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and details of payment. In industries like finance, healthcare, and retail, organizations could also hold sensitive data, like social security numbers, financial records, and medical records. This information is a huge target for identity thieves, making its protection crucial. 
  • Financial Data: Financial records encompass a wide selection of data, including bank account details, credit card information, transaction data, and other financial statements. This data is essential for your organization’s daily operations and strategic planning. It also includes sensitive information that might be exploited for financial fraud and insider trading if it all falls into the wrong hands. 

Advanced Data Protection Strategies 

Adopting advanced protection strategies is important to stay ahead of the changing cyber threats and protect your organization’s data. These strategies leverage cutting-edge technologies to improve your organization’s security posture. Network security is important, and intrusion detection systems are crucial for identifying potentially dangerous activities in your network. By analyzing network traffic for any suspicious anomalies or patterns, the IDS can alert your security personnel to help investigate and mitigate possible threats before they cause serious harm. Cloud security is smart as well. By adopting robust security measures for cloud storage, like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and safe access controls, can protect data stored in the cloud from any unauthorized leaks and access. Conducting thorough security assessments with a professional team from En-Net Services can also benefit your organization, so give us a call!

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