Happy New Year! Also. . . Happy for a New Year!

On behalf of all of the team members at En-Net, Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when we look back over the past twelve months and reflect upon both the events of the year and take stock of where we are for the upcoming year.   And it doesn’t take a mind reader to know what everyone reflects upon when they reflect upon 2020.  It seems that it took a pandemic for us to find one thing we all agree upon:  2020 was quite the challenge.

At En-Net we say challenges are opportunities, and we know that across our Industry, the challenges of 2020 were met with flexibility, hard work, and grit.  Those same qualities will be in the forefront of 2021 as our Industry, our Country and indeed everyone around the globe transitions out of the Covid 19 era.  Faster, please!

There is another saying at En-Net. . .  “Sell Something”.   It is as flexible as it is ubiquitous.  A meeting is ending, but no one is exactly sure it is ending. . . . “Sell Something” clears that up.  Lingering after a lunch and learn. . . “Sell Something” is the informal way of saying “Ok, get back to work”.    A brief update on a big deal that you closed  in Kyle’s office is winding down. . . “Sell Something” is a the final ‘atta boy.  And it is not restricted to the Sales floor.  You’ll hear our Administrative Team use it when they are busy (you hear it a lot in September!).  You’ll catch it in the Shipping Department when a large delivery is made and everyone pitched in to help.  “Thanks everyone.  Sell Something”.   There is even a legend at En-Net that the Management Team uses it to open and close meetings, but that rumor remains unconfirmed.   It is, depending upon inflection, anything from a hint, to a closing, to an encouragement.   Note that the saying isn’t  “Sell Anything,”  which would imply lack of restraint and avarice.  No, it’s “Sell Something” meaning you know the En-Net Way. . .go do it the En-Net way.  Sometime, in the last 24 years, “Sell Something” became, for lack of a better way to put it, profound.

“Sell Something” is the essence of optimism.  “You closed a huge deal, you did it with integrity through the supply chain and you did it the En-Net way, always putting the best interest of the client first.  We know how hard you worked to make it happen.  Congratulations.  Sell Something.”   Yep, a career-high deal is great, and should be celebrated.  But more importantly, it is the springboard to the next deal.  Enjoy it, and while you are doing that you should know, and start working toward, the next opportunity.  This deal is further proof you can do this.  Now go do it again!

And “Sell Something” is equally a gentle admonishment.  “You closed a huge deal . . . .  Congratulations.  Sell Something” reminds you to keep your eyes directed ahead.  Every deal, every meeting, every opportunity is important, but not as important as helping a partner or client on the next one.  It suggests you should keep your focus on what’s to come, rather than what has “closed”.  If you do it with integrity, taking care of our Vendors, while keeping the Customer’s needs first and foremost,  there is no looking back.

And “Sell Something” is a heartfelt encouragement.  Not every opportunity blossoms.  Not every deal closes.   Yep, that didn’t work out the way we hoped.  You did your due diligence, you stayed on top of the deal and lost anyway.  Well?  What next?  What are you waiting for?   Sell Something.”

“Sell Something” encapsulates the En-Net philosophy:  Customer focus, Integrity, Optimism and Hard Work.  Boiled down into a call for action.

Well what does this have to do with end-of-year, retrospective, the pandemic-really-sucks-recap?

2019 National Sales Conference. Hawaii on the Pimlico.

The En-Net team is really looking forward to our 2021 National Sales Conference  The 2019 NSC was a rousing success and we looked forward to meeting with our Partners for trainings and interaction.  We also look forward to the absolute blast that was The Black Eyed Susan race that thundered past us on the turn at track level.

Conference Something!

It was a huge challenge not being able to be in front of our customers these past few months, but with the vaccine, and time, it will be refreshing when we can sit with them face-to-face.

Meet Something!

It was a drag being only able to meet on Zoom with our Vendor and Manufacturer Partners, but it showed the foundation of those relationships were solid, and when we get even close to normal it will be as familiar as riding a bike.

Relationship Something!

4 straight Quarterly Hold ‘em events cancelled was a wrench, but is anyone uncertain to the fun to be had when we resume them?

Shuffle-up-and-Deal Something!

There’s no way to downgrade the impact of Covid.  The En-Net family directly felt the impact, and are overjoyed that there was complete recovery.  However, every challenge, no matter the nature of the challenge, provides an opportunity for resiliency, industry, hard work and toughness to overcome the challenge.  Optimism and eye-on-the-future thinking will lead the way.  Looking back with regret  slows the process.  We can, and will, recover.  We will meet again.  We will go on customer visits again.  We will be able to celebrate with our families again.  We will be better, stronger and more resilient than we were.  And when we do, we will value it all the more for the challenge.

Live Something!


Happy New Year Everyone!


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