The Top Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2021

The Top Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2021

It is so essential to make staying cyber secure a big goal for the year ahead.

2020 was a year that held a lot of promise at first, but then it went off the rails fast. If 2020 taught us anything, anything that can happen, especially when we do not expect it. That is true for cybersecurity too, and it’s why it is so essential to make staying cyber secure a big goal for the year ahead. Here are a few 2021 resolutions you can make to help you achieve top-notch cybersecurity for the new year!

Do Not Fall for Phishing

Phishing campaigns have seen a very big surge in 2020, but that is no reason to fall for them in 2021. Avoid falling for any email or text scams by learning what to look out for if you are ever sent one. Things like urgent or threatening language, requests for any sensitive information like financial or login information, unexpected requests to update your account, or odd email layouts and designs are all signs of a possible phishing message. Try to get familiar with phishing signs and keep some handy resources around to help you spot any scams in the upcoming year.

Good Files Only

When times are boring, an unexpected email attachment or new application could be the most exciting part of your entire day. Maybe that is part of the reason ransomware and malware have been so effective in the last year. For 2021, make a commitment to resist the lure of downloading any unfamiliar files, installing weird applications, or pirating illegal software. And just in case, try to install anti-virus software on all of your devices and back up your files consistently to protect you from any attacks that might fall through the cracks.

Keep Yourself in the Loop

It was hard to stay up to date in 2020. It seemed like there were big news stories every single hour, and it was tougher than usual to keep in touch with everyone. This is something you don’t want to risk working from home either, as staying in the loop is important for your job. Keeping your devices updated is key. This year, set your software and system updates to automatic, so you are always running with the greatest, latest, and most secure version of all things. This way, a global pandemic, natural disaster, or a generally bad day won’t have your devices falling or lagging behind.

Make Your Passwords Strong

Make sure that you update all of your passwords going into 2021. A unique password for each and every account on your device is a good way to stop any potential cybercriminals from gaining access to your accounts online.

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