Happy Thanksgiving from En-Net

From all of us at En-Net. . .  Happy Thanksgiving.

We celebrate this holiday each year, remembering the feast shared by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, who kept the Pilgrims alive during the harsh first winter in North America.  It was President Abraham Lincoln, following the Union victory at Gettysburg (and shortly after the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg) who declared Thanksgiving the National Holiday as we know it today.

Also, we celebrate turkey with all the trimmings, cranberry sauce (for some reason) and pumpkin pie (although the canned whipped cream on top is a more recent addition), and tryptophan induced naps.

This year, amidst all the massive changes 2020 has brought, Thanksgiving for most of us will be much different.  Just as most things in 2020 have proven to be much different.

But there is much to be thankful for, most notably that vaccines have been developed in record time, so we can hope for an end of this pandemic.  Thankful that there is hope for the end of the toll of Covid.  Thankful for the hope for a return to normal. .  .the old normal where kids can go to school and participate in activities together, where client meetings aren’t conducted via a small camera in a laptop, and where, for business or pleasure, we can be in the company of our family, friends, and colleagues.

The En-Net blog is thankful that hope exists and is every day getting stronger.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay safe and keep hoping.

The En-Net Blog

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