Why Using a Firewall is Essential for Web Security

Why Using a Firewall is Essential for Web Security

Your company must use a firewall system for proper web security.

Keeping your computer and data safe is important for a number of different reasons. No matter how large your business is, it is likely that you’ve got plenty of information that you don’t want to be leaked out to the public. Additionally, the public relations dilemmas that could occur in the face of a security breach can be a lot to deal with. Keeping this in mind, your company must use a firewall system for web security. Read on to learn why!

What Exactly is a Firewall?

A firewall is one of the very first steps in information technology security protection systems you could have. While there a lot of different types of firewalls, they all do the same thing – ensuring that there is a wall of defense protecting your technology. While firewalls alone typically are not enough to keep your business secure, they’re an essential first step in a full-on website and data security system.

The Kinds of Firewalls

There are two main kinds of firewalls that you could use. One is typically referred to as hardware-based and divided into two categories, known as traditional and network address translation (NAT). The very first acts as a gatekeeper of sorts that allows or denies traffic and activity based on specific directions. This kind of firewall could be quite useful as it monitors interactions from the start to the end. A NAT firewall is one of the safest and secure systems that work by hiding a network of computers under a singular unit’s guise. This system allows these computers within the network to appear visible to each other but not to any outsiders.

Client-based firewalls are a kind of software installed on individual computers. There are two kinds of client-based firewalls: the first known as proxy firewalls, which protect your network at the application layer by filtering your messages. A Unified Threat Management firewall is one other option. While it might need to work with your antivirus program for full-on performance, it is one of the easiest for you to use.

Why Use a Firewall?

Most modern technology comes with some type of firewall system built into their software, but these are typically not enough protection. Not only are built-in firewalls much easier to breach, but they’re usually not as sufficient too. The right kind of firewall can help protect all of your company or personal data, so ask the professionals from En-Net Services which type will serve you the very best!

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