How to Go About Protecting Company Documents and Files

How to Go About Protecting Company Documents and Files

There are a few practices that all companies should be implementing to keep company files safe.

Regardless of how big or small your company is, the amount of employees working, or the industry you’re in, you’ll always have files and documents that you have to keep safe. These might be financial files, client and patient records, internal communications, or any files with legal and personally identifiable information inside. While there may be a couple of legal requirements relating to your files, which all depend on your industry, there are also a few practices that all companies should be implementing to keep company documents safe. There are a few things you as a company can do. Read on to learn more!

Use Robust Passwords for Your Files

You should be using passwords for every level of security that you can, and this is a fact. Lock up your computers and laptops with passwords, but also lock up any individual files with passwords as well, but not even the same ones as your work laptop. This way, even if your laptop is compromised, you’ll still have the extra layer of security just in case something happens.

Improve Your Company’s Internal Policies for Your Files

Improve, enhance, or implement the security policies you’ve set in place in your office. For example, if there is a shared printer or fax machine, sensitive information should not be allowed to be printed or sit on it. Instead, consider implementing a print code system that requires a user to be near the printer for it to operate. Similarly, shred up any unnecessary hard copies and enforce data encryption for any files or documents that need to be emailed. This is one of the smartest ways to protect any highly sensitive business documents.

Use eSignatures Where You Can

When you need something signed off by a person who isn’t in person, use eSignatures. Most businesses still scan and email different forms, which is a big security risk in itself, allowing the recipient to print it out, sign it, and email it back. In a day of working remotely, this has never been more prominent too. There is too much sensitive information going back and forth and sitting in a hard copy to risk. eSignatures allow you to safely send files and have a legally signed signature added by recipients without compromising any data security.

Back-Up All Data and FilesDigitally

While it could feel like nothing online can be a safe as something locked away in a file cabinet, not every disaster is digital. Having a digital backup of your business files and documents is crucial for a successful disaster recovery plan. Try investing in a scanning service to help ensure that you won’t ever lose things you can’t afford to.

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