How to Improve Your Organization’s Network Security This Year

How to Improve Your Organization’s Network Security This Year

There are many ways to improve your organization’s network security this year!

Major cybersecurity incidents across different industries make the news quite frequently. Hundreds of different instances of malware, cyber attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and vulnerabilities are always coming to light. For those who are following these stories and as an organization owner, it can be a scary reality. With different security strategies, tools, frameworks, and techniques available, it can become a challenge for IT managers and leaders to figure out which actions should take precedence. Read on to learn how to improve your organization’s network security this year!

Upgrade Your Current Password Technology

Incorporating password managers in your organization gives your users the required technology to adopt secure passwords. Password managers aren’t just for advanced administrators or users; they are designed for every user possible. The demanding standards that are expected from users can only be achieved with the assistance of supportive technology. Users can conveniently create special passwords for every account with access to password managers. These passwords will be produced with random password generators, resulting in intricate and significantly longer passwords than those traditionally used. Using a password manager will also ensure that your team is using different and unique passwords for various platforms or accounts. This minimizes the possibility of credential stuffing compromising your enterprise network security.

Update Your Anti-Virus Software

A large amount of organizations acquire anti-virus and anti-malware programs that are suitable for organization-wide implementation. This ensures that all employee devices, including desktops, laptops, or mobile phones, receive this software when a new device is fully distributed. However, as time passes, the software can become outdated. In different cases, users fail to carry out the required updates. This leads to the emergence of network security vulnerabilities every time they establish a connection. Updating your antivirus software regularly can help. IT admins have to routinely evaluate if all users have applied the required updates to their individual anti-virus programs and devices. Gaps in keeping software updated is the first entrance point that cyber criminals jump to exploit.

Train Your Employees Frequently

Ensuring your network’s safety usually requires a collaborative approach. Despite the sophistication of network security technology, human error and susceptibility to deception remain consistent threats. This is a fact not lost on hackers who can capitalize on it. Phishing, for example, is a serious concern that your employees have to be aware of. The human element is usually called the weakest link in the chain for a reason. It is usually a malicious link that was carelessly clicked on or an odd email that was opened, which leads to serious compromises and other data breaches. It is essential to invest in cybersecurity awareness training for your staff and also conduct cybersecurity awareness training for your executives.

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