The Best Fiber Optic Care and Maintenance Guide

The Best Fiber Optic Care and Maintenance Guide

We have created an easy guide for maintaining fiber optics cables.

Fiber optics have to perform reliably, so you have to make sure they stay neat and are well-kept. Avoid getting them damaged at all by handling them with extreme care so they work effectively. We have created an easy guide for maintaining fiber optics cables in excellent condition without ever impairing them. Read on to learn more!


Reducing Fiber Optic Contamination

It is important to know when and which tools or procedures to use for fiber optic cleaning. Just because a cable has not been used, do not assume there isn’t a contamination risk. Condensation might have developed during shipping. Contamination, like dust particles, lint, food particles, and condensation, could lead to downtime. Do not forget to clean the end of your fiber optic cable before you plug it into your connector.

Minimizing Frequent Preventative Maintenance

Consistent preventative maintenance and cleaning are not required after fiber optic installation. Fiber systems are created to be installed and left alone unless they’re hurt. Although this is the case, problems can still arise. Make sure you’re cleaning your cables and connectors after resolving the issue.

Beyond necessary cleaning, performing consistent maintenance checks could be detrimental. An accidental drop and excessive bending could cause significant damage to a lot of the fragile components of the fiber optic systems. It is also easy to introduce new contaminants like dirt and dust into the adaptors and connectors when revealed to the air, so keep this in mind.

Possible Safety Risks

Dealing with fiber optic cabling also comes with a few safety risks. Safety precautions should always be taken while cleaning fiber connectors. Remember to follow the instructions and safety measures for any tools or products you use during the entire cleaning process.

  • Don’t look into the end of an operating optical interface since it has laser radiation that could harm your eyes
  • Don’t remove the covers of operating transceivers
  • Remember the unit power is not functioning during this entire cleaning process
  • Turn off the power and the light sources before you clean optical interfaces
  • Don’t alter optical devices either

Taking care of your fiber optic cabling means keeping it clean and neat. If any maintenance or repairs have to be practiced, make sure the equipment is clean before you place it back in service. Give En-Net Services a call to learn more about fiber optics!

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