Prioritizing Data Security to Keep Your Business Safe

Prioritizing Data Security to Keep Your Business Safe

Ensuring your business maintains a well-planned and developed data security system is critical.

Ensuring your business maintains a well planned and developed data security system is critical. Keeping your company’s information safe in the digital age is something that can’t be taken lightly, there are threats lurking everywhere, even for the smallest business. Knowing what risks await and how to properly fight them is crucial. However, many of us often forget that some of the best ways to keep digital threats at bay are also the simplest.

Change Passwords Regularly

How long has your password been the same? Can you even remember when you changed it? How often are you using some combination of the same password for all or most of your platforms? Having an easy to guess and unchanging password is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when using password locked features. Not only do many passwords fall into the trap of being overly simple or personal, but with enough repetition, disreputable persons could easily take advantage of more than just your email account. Creating strong, rotating passwords is a significant first step to stronger security.

Enhance Security And Follow Updates

Did you know that all of those annoying update notifications for your security system are actually important? Every standard digital security system is continuously monitoring and updating their platform as they find loopholes, bugs, and as new threats develop. Ensuring that every computer in your system is updated regularly will exponentially improve your chances of avoiding threats. If you’ve been neglecting to put a security system in place, now is the time. Using a system like Unified Threat Management blends the use of a firewall and other systems to hide material that is unsafe for work as well as blocking viruses and spam.

Make Digital Security Training A Priority

No matter how well developed your security system, if your staff are not adequately trained, there’s no chance you’ll succeed. Not only does your team need to have an action plan for what to do if something happens (i.e. don’t shut the computer off if you get a virus message), but they need to be trained on what things to avoid.

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