Dealing with Cloud Security Issues

Dealing with Cloud Security Issues

How will your company deal with cloud security threats?

No matter how big or small your business is, it’s likely that you use technology more than you might think. Any technology you use, even if it’s just an email list with customer information and a POS system, can be risky if it gets into the wrong hands. From ruining your relationship with customers to causing you to lose money, to minor but annoying inconveniences – technological security issues can be a real bummer. To help you better navigate the risks, today we’ll be talking about the four most common cloud security issues and how to prevent them.


As one of the most dangerous threats to cloud security and general technology security alike, malware is not something to take lightly. Malware is a purposely injected program that allows a remote hacker to access your information and data. While we’ve talked about malware protection in greater detail in previous articles, the most important thing to remember is that you always need to be using firewalls and protection. Even if you believe your network has nothing of interest, there’s always something that hackers can take advantage of.

Data Breaches

As with malware, the best way to prevent data breaches is to stay up to date with your firewalls and digital security systems. When using cloud systems, because the technology is so new, it’s often at a higher risk of having a data breach. Those who don’t have backup storage are most at risk

Technology Misuse

One of the biggest and most easy targets for cloud security issues is simply personal misuse. Private and personal information like health records and credit card information, should not be stored on cloud data. Preventing these kinds of issues is simply a matter of training. All staff should be fully aware of the risks and regulations for what is and is not cloud safe.

Data Loss

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses can make is to store all of their data in one place. While cloud storage may seem like the safest option, that data can still be lost. If something is to happen, you must be sure to have your data backed up in at least one other location. Having a physical storage options on-premise as well as your cloud storage helps to ensure you have a backup in case something happens to either.

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