The Best Cyber Security Tips For Employees Working From Home

The Best Cyber Security Tips For Employees Working From Home

Not only can remote workers have their own privacy put at risk, but also their company.

Amidst the current Coronavirus pandemic, most governments around the world are moving into the “delay” phase of their strategy to fight back against the virus. This includes social distancing strategies, including closing schools, public spaces, and asking people to work from home. Elsewhere, people have to work remotely to self-isolate or to help slow down the spread of the virus. The internet era and progress in technology have made it simple for most of us to carry out regular duties from the comfort of our homes. However, this luxury can come with a few downsides, mostly because of cyber security threats. Not only can remote workers have their own privacy put at risk, but also their company. Here’s some cyber security tips for employees who have just started to work from home.

Use Stronger Passwords

It is as important as ever to make sure that all of your accounts are protected with strong passwords. Many people still use the same variation of passwords across several accounts. This means that all it takes is one password to be compromised for a cybercriminal to access all of your accounts. This is especially important for work as well. You don’t want to put your company’s data at risk. Make your passwords all unique in their own way, and write them down, so you do not forget. This is one cyber security tip that everyone can follow easily.

Use an Antivirus Software

Although firewall software can help, threats can inevitably get through. Good antivirus software is one of the best forms of cyber security that you can set up for yourself. They can detect and block threats, usually known as malware. Even if malware does manage to work its way on your device, antivirus software can detect it and, in some instances, remove it.

Secure Your Home Router

Do you know if you changed your router’s password when it was first installed? A lot of people don’t, leaving their home network vulnerable to threats. It is essential to take simple steps to protect your home’s network to prevent malicious parties from sending ransomware or gaining access to your connected devices. Changing your router setup is a solid first step, but make sure firmware updates are installed so security vulnerabilities can be patched up.

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