Comparing Routers and Wireless Access Points

Comparing Routers and Wireless Access Points

A wireless access point can provide the best needs for a safe and secure internet connection for your business.

A wireless access point is a necessity for any business or institution that must support many wireless internet users. Compared to the usual wireless router, the wireless access point offers many different advantages. Read on to learn just how a wireless access point can provide the best needs for a safe and secure internet connection for your business.

Access Point vs. Routers, What’s the Difference?

Routers – Routers connect various devices to form a LAN and provide Internet access to all of the devices that are connected to it. Devices can connect via Ethernet cables or wireless Wi-Fi. For the router to send data to these devices within the LAN, it must be connected to an internet service provider through another Ethernet cable. A router is a hub that sets up LAN for multiple devices.

Wireless Access Points – Wireless access points are network devices that act as portals for devices to connect to a LAN. An access point is useful for extending the wireless coverage of an existing network and raising the number of possible users. High-speed Ethernet cables spread from a router to a wireless access point, which converts the wired signal of a router into the wireless signal of the said wireless access point. An access point is a sub-device within a LAN that allows another location for devices to connect from, enabling more devices on the network without slowing down any connectivity.

The Advantages of a Wireless Access Point

A wireless access point has many advantages, such as the ability to allow over 50 or even hundreds of user access at a time. This is a sustainable upgrade over the usual 10-20 users that are allowed access at once from a router. A wireless access point can cover up to 100 to 300 meters worth of space for a transmission signal, while a router’s only covers about a dozen before its signal is lost. This is excellent for businesses that cover vast office spaces or multiple buildings. With a wireless access point, you give your employees the ability to communicate across buildings and further distances. The networking setting of a wireless router is typically low flexibility, while a wireless access point has a variety of settings to pick from, to encourage flexible usage as well.

If you’re a company that prioritizes connectivity, high-speed browsing, and security for your IT network, then a wireless access point makes the most logistical sense instead of a router for your future endeavors.

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