The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Picking an Antivirus Software

The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Picking an Antivirus Software

Picking the best antivirus software is easier said than done.

With around a quarter of a million new malicious programs being detected each day, it is painfully clear that everybody needs the protection of a solid antivirus product. However, picking the best antivirus software is easier said than done. From barebones products to feature-laden security programs and everything in between, there are so many options on today’s market that it can be a bit hard to know which antivirus software is right for your business or home. To help make the process a little bit easier, we have compiled a list of mistakes to avoid when picking antivirus software. Read on to learn more!

Detection Rates

When it comes down to it, an essential factor when picking antivirus software is how well it can protect your system against unknown and known threats. Given that there are so many different vendors that can provide you with protection rates well above the 95 percent mark, there’s no excuse to pick a vendor that offers subpar security. Be careful of any antivirus software that scores poorly on independent tests consistently, and do not hesitate to cross repeat offenders off of your list too.

Layered Protection

As malware becomes more complex, it is no longer safe to rely on a real-time guard that simply scans files for known threats. Instead, look for some antivirus software that incorporates various layers of protection into its defense system. A web protection component, for example, is useful for blocking connections to sketchy websites and preventing malware from reaching your system. Multi-layered approaches take your network security to an entirely new level of protection.


Check out the privacy practices of the antivirus software vendors. Some are extensively collecting data about your system and computer usage to improve their products. While simple product usage telemetry is typically anonymized, some products might also upload suspicious files from your computer to your vendor’s scanning cloud. You have to be able to fully trust that a vendor will handle your data responsibly, securely, and ethically. After all, a private document can be a part of such an upload as well. This is important for businesses that deal with private client data, like healthcare facilities.

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