Of K-Pop, KVMs, and Keeping Time.

Today En-Net wonders:  do you remember Gangnam Style?   The viral video sensation of 2012?  The dance you did when no one was around?  The video that has been watched 3.7 billion times?  Yeah, that Gangnam Style. 

Well consider this:  there was about a year where Gangnam Style (we knew you remembered) was hip, cool, and overplayed at weddings: unseating the traditional Electric Slide, the rather long-in-the-tooth Macarena,  and the classic Chicken Dance as most requested dance.  Dark days.  Then one day, for no explicable reason, Gangnam Style was suddenly corny.  The opposite of hip.  Unrequested and unloved.  The scourge of the planet, and rightly (finally!) seen as the bouncy, catchy, ear-splitting travesty it was. 

In the space of a moment, at some point in 2013, a cultural shift.   More than a movement, a collective change of consciousness.  It’s a moment that should’ve been recorded such that yearly celebrations could be held.  (See also:  Balloon pants/Hammer time; padded shoulders; mullets; and Vanilla Ice).

We feel that moment is coming for a few clichés that have entered our lexicon.  “New Normal”, “Shift to Work from Home”, and “Hybrid Work Solution.”  We are approaching the tipping point where these phases will no longer carry the same import.  Frankly. . we’re sick of them.  They are on the verge of being Gangnamed, as well they should.  We get it, things have changed.  We’re moving on.  Dare we say about these overused phrases:  may we  “whoop ‘em” somehow.

As we patiently await the new normal no longer being called the new normal, what can we do, 5 months into the new normal our daily work routines,  to ease some of the difficulties of having a home office, and possibly a work office we pop into a couple of days a week.  En-Net is proud to work with one of our favorite partners, Belkin, who have a whole family of devices that can lighten the home office/life work balance.  Do you have employees working from home?  Are you looking for some ideas to boost morale?  Perhaps boosting/maintaining productivity is a goal for the ever important, (and first ever during Covid) Q3?  Read on, and discover how Belkin can help.


We’d be remiss not to begin with Belkin’s secure KVM switches.  A crucially important tool for alternating between secure/non-secure systems by the roll of a mouse, or the click of a button.  Please reach out to En-Net for more information.

Do you suddenly find yourself managing part time commuters?   Imagine the delight you could bring to your team by relieving them of having to fight wires and connectors at their two respective desks.  Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro might be just the device to not just save time, but take a serious bite out of the daily wrestle with cords.  One connection for all the wires?  Yes, please!

Or maybe something like a team exercise to make sure everyone is getting full capacity by using Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI cables (Can you smell a fun team building exercise?  We do!).  Or go all in and make sure the remote connected workers have the Linksys Dual WAN Business Gigabit VPN router.  Feel the need for speed?  This router delivers.  Or, the Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi extender.  Hey, it is likely home networks are supporting your team. . .give those home networks a well-earned boost.

Not to mention the wide array of adapters that Belkin has specifically engineered to insure compatibility for extra screens and peripherals.

Contact your En-Net Strategic Account Manager today for more information, guidance, other team building exercise ideas, or to schedule a virtual line dancing dance-off.  If you’re not sure of your SAM, just contact us directly and we’ll get you to the right person.   In times like these, of which there haven’t actually ever been times like these, taking care of your team, and their gear is paramount.  Let En-Net help.

Note from En-Net Management Team:  Rick Lowe, Business Development Manager for Eaton and Emergent Technologies at En-Net, submitted this blog.  Rick swears that he has never danced Gangnam Style (though we suspect otherwise).  He abhors the Macarena, respects but simply won’t the Electric Slide,   yet brags he cuts the meanest Chicken Dance south of Johnstown, PA.  The opinions expressed above re stylized, group oriented line dancing are his own.  The stuff about Belkin, we agree entirely!

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