About that En-Net 3rd Annual National Sales Conference. . . .

This Coronavirus has been tough.  Here at En-Net, we are grateful that this crisis has chiefly affected our schedules and commutes, and thankful that our families have been safe.

For those of you who have spent time with En-Net, you know we have a unique group of people who work here.  Some of our En-Net family are actually, literally family.  Many of us have known each other for 40 years, and there are a few of us who have known each other their entire lives.

We’re tight-knit.

The struggle being away from your coworkers, compounded by their being your friends (co-conspirators, partners in crime, ride-sharers) is real.  Last week we held our first company-wide virtual meeting (on Cinco de Mayo.  Make of that what you will.) and it felt more like a family reunion than a work event.

We’re pretty lucky.

All of that to say this:  we are feeling the Coronavirus blues a little more today, as tomorrow was scheduled to be the kick-off to En-Net’s 3rd National Sales Conference.  Our first year we featured a sports theme under the Yurts.  Last year we found our stride with the spirit of Aloha amid a full schedule of conferencing, a scavenger hunt, a night at the races and a big finish day watching the Black Eyed Susan stakes at ground level at Pimlico.  This year, well Pardner I reckon it wouldn’t be right to let on what the theme was, but if you put on your ten gallon thinking cap, and your snakeskin walking boots, and ponder a bit . . . you might cotton it out.


Seems like there have been a lot of buts these last few months.  And while “But we can’t have our National Sales Conference as scheduled this year” is a bummer, we well know that it pales in comparison to what many around our country, and the world, have on their mind.

Like I said, we’re pretty lucky.

When Maryland is fully open, when it’s safe for all of us to get together, when everything is alright, we’ll have our National Sales Conference.  And yes, we believe that time is coming.  Until then, we’ll continue to do what we do, the En-Net Way, and hope you and your families all remain safe.

From all of us at En-Net


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