Applauding our Partner, Eaton Power!

Happy stories about Covid 19 are scarce.  Of course, the stories of the dedicated front-line workers are exceptions to that, they continue (3 months into this mess) to do a phenomenal job under considerable pressure.  There are stories as well of people sewing masks for their families and first responders, as well as some stories about how some companies have responded to the needs of their communities and the world at large.  This is one of those stories, about one of En-Net’s closest manufacturing partners:  Eaton Power.

En-Net and Eaton go waaaay back.  In fact, the relationship started when things like standard discount, disti options, go-to-market strategies, and deal reg were still problems for Eaton to work out.  And from those days until now, a special bond exists between Eaton and En-Net.   Eaton Power is technologically innovative (first to market with secure UPS comm card), a leader in their market (built to last; UPS lifetime exceeds industry avg), and continually stretching the boundaries (Lithium Ion batteries).   Plus, they have a razor-sharp Marketing department, and a responsive Management Team.  All-in-all a great partner.

Which is why when they did what they did, it didn’t surprise the crew at En-Net, but did make us even more proud to be associated with Eaton.

Eaton has what they call their Additive Manufacturing Centers of Excellence, which is a fancy name for 3D printing shops (I told you they are good marketers!).  When the need for PPE became clear , Eaton re-tooled their AMCEs to make face shields for health care workers  (see. . .  innovative, nimble, responsive to market needs).

Then (here is where they showed their true colors!) . . . . they started giving them away!

To date, over 360,000 face shields have been donated, with no end in sight.  Eaton has 20 or so “zones” of business throughout the US and has plans to donate shields to hospitals and medical facilities in each zone.  Additionally, they have 3D’d some non-contact door openers and a touchless tool that keeps medical workers moving and interacting through their day safely.

Well done, Eaton.  Thank you for helping to make our Healthcare workers and First Responders safe.

From your friends at En-Net

For additional information about Eaton’s response to Covid19 ( ’cause they’ve done much, much more!), please click here.

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