Common Types of Malware that Can Breach Your Network

Common Types of Malware that Can Breach Your Network

There are many types of malware that can breach your home or work network.

What are you doing currently to protect your computer and network? In today’s evolving world of increased digital threats, it is no longer enough to simply have virus protection software installed on your computer. Instead, everyone has to be well aware of the possible threats and their role in stopping them. Having the right software and blocking tools is important, but having trained staff who know exactly what to look out for and what to avoid is even more essential. Read on for a few of the most common types of malware that can breach your home or work network.


Perhaps the most popular but vague threat of the malware crowd is the computer virus. Viruses can come from different sources and covers multiple different subcategories. In general, viruses have to be downloaded and are an executable file or a file that has a .exe extension. Having an antivirus program already downloaded on your computer can greatly reduce the risks, but you should always be careful when you’re downloading items off the internet.

Web Threats

Did you know that something as simple as which kind of browser you use could help keep you safe from any online threats? Most web browsers have built-in authentication and unsecured website precautions. These allow your web browser to alert you before you enter a website that might have threatening material.

Ransomware Links

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or just on your home’s computer, ransomware could be a serious threat. This kind of malware is unique in that it will invade your network and encrypt all of your computer’s files, sometimes through an email link. Typically, the encryption is followed with a demand for a large sum of money before all of your files will be returned. Unfortunately, there is no true way to guarantee that these files will actually be repaired at all.

Spyware Links

Installed on your computer’s network without your knowledge, spyware is designed specially to track your browsing habits and internet activity. Spying capabilities could include activity monitoring, collecting your keystrokes, and harvesting account information, financial data, login data, and more. Spyware can spread by exploiting software vulnerabilities, bundling with any legitimate software on your computer.


Adware is usually known for being an aggressive advertising software that will put unwanted advertisements on your computer’s screen. Malicious adware is able to collect data on you, redirect you to any advertising sites, change your internet’s browser and homepage settings. If you see sketchy pop-up ads on your computer, you might have an issue.

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