Cybersecurity Concerns for Government Agencies

Cybersecurity Concerns for Government Agencies

With the upcoming midterm elections, government agencies are prioritizing cybersecurity!

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, in which 21 states were subject to election interference due to Russian probes, government officials and citizens are growing ever more concerned for the midterm elections. With almost 6,000 seats in general elections, 87 state legislative chambers, and 36 states and territories holding elections there is a lot at stake if security is once again breached. Government agencies are right to be concerned about the security of elections, but what steps are being taken to prevent further interference.

Security Concerns

With cybersecurity now the top priority for IT departments throughout the nation, voting security has become one of the primary points of concern and focus. In a Washington Post report, 95% of experts in digital security noted that most of the election systems used by states are insufficiently protected. After a recent assessment, it was found that there are three tiers of security risks. The first tier is the most problematic – with the states in this segment relying solely on electronic counts with no paper record to cross-check against interference. The states in the second tier exhibit several vulnerabilities and may or may not be using federal assistance to address them. The last tier is the states who are using federal funding to address their weaknesses but may need additional help.

Make The Right Moves

Despite these issues, most states are making moves in the right direction to address their voting security issues. The state of Virginia, in particular, has overhauled its system to switch to a paperless method that will prevent future problems. Colorado has also made significant changes and now requires a post-election audit. Third-party companies have also stepped forward to assist in the development of election security products including items that ensure full visibility. When combined with the efforts of states, individuals, and new legislation, these changes will hopefully lead to a more democratic and honest election process.

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