En-Net Services and Zebra Tablets: Rugged Design. High Performance.

Here at the En-Net blog we know a thing or two about pairing the best option in tablet or laptop computing with the specific needs of our customers: after all, we’ve been doing it since computers first went from desktop to laptop!  Our customers expect state-of-the-art tech, and then balance that with power, battery life, and tailored accessories specific to their operations.  One key factor that public sector workers in Law Enforcement, First Responders, Healthcare, and State and Local Governments add to the functions their tablets must have is that it be rugged.

Well, a lot can be said about what defines rugged.  Zebra tablets exceed all the usual metrics of rugged.  You don’t have to worry about drops, water, dust or extreme conditions.    And the reinforced glass is in a class of its own (the En-Net blog has seen full punches absorbed by the glass, but couldn’t bring itself to self-test!).  Zebra’s line of rugged tablets handles it all.  In one very extreme case, a Zebra tablet fired up after being “lost” in a fully consumed vehicle fire.   That’s rugged.

But Zebra offers more than being rugged.  Powered by Android OS, Zebra’s lines of rugged tablets provide user familiarity that simplifies training and user adoption.  Android supports multi-screen apps which allows for use across multiple handheld devices.  Zebra tablets use the longest lasting hot-swappable batteries, plus a wide range of battery options.  With Zebra tablets you can connect to a array of accessories from optional keyboards, vehicle docks and integrated barcode scanners.

Zebra tablets combine rugged, fit-for-purpose designs with more high performance features than any other tablet PC in their class.  Durability, performance and portability in a rugged design.

Wherever Public Sector demands need to be met with a tablet that has to perform under whatever harsh conditions are presented, Zebra tablets will deliver.  Military, Police, Fire, fleet management, Healthcare, all sectors that put their tablets through the ringer now have a choice in the best-in-class rugged tablet marketplace.

This is the point where we encourage you to reach out to your En-Net Strategic Account Manager, and indeed, please do.  In the mean time, for more information, click here to go to Zebra’s landing page at En-NetServices.com.  As the Federal fiscal year-end ramps up over the next two weeks, En-Net is available day or night to help you exceed your IT needs.  En-Net and Zebra appreciate your continued partnership.  The En-Net blog appreciates you stopping by!

Stay safe.  Stay connected.  Let us know how we can help.



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