The Best Security Tips for Preventing a Data Breach

The Best Security Tips for Preventing a Data Breach

With the following tips, you can take the first step toward making sure a data breach doesn’t ever happen.

As long as companies host valuable data, cybercriminals will continue to bypass security protocols meant to protect this valuable data. The causes of security breaches usually range from device theft or loss, stolen and weak credentials, malware, and outdated systems that use unproductive security measures. With the following tips, you can take the first step toward making sure a data breach doesn’t ever strike at your company’s precious business data. Read on to learn more!

A Limit of Lateral Data Transfers

Employees not being educated on their data sharing is one of the top reasons for internal data breaches. It is a very good idea to limit access to precious data and information by restricting access privileges to only a smaller number of parties. You can also decide to use network segmentation to cut back unnecessary communication from your own network to other networks.

Keeping Your Devices and Machines Up to Date

Internal data breaches may also occur when employees work any unprotected or unguarded machines. They may unknowingly download malware, which normally would not be an issue if devices were managed correctly. Upgrading your operating systems, antivirus software, firewalls, and business software as often as possible will go a very long way in solidifying your defense systems.

Use Machine Learning and Monitoring to Sniff Out Abnormalities

It isn’t all on your employees, but network administrators should consider employing monitoring software to prevent data breaches by analyzing what is “normal” behavior and comparing that to whatever appears to be fishy behavior. Cybercriminals usually hide in networks to exploit them over a more extended period of time. Even if you miss them the first time around, you should monitor suspicious activity, so you can recognize impropriety and amend policies before it goes further.

Creating Strong Passwords for Security

No matter how often we say it, there is always room for improvement when it comes down to your password and login procedures. In addition to text-based credentials, you should require other methods whenever it is possible. Great for securing your network, fingerprints and smart cards, for example, are a lot harder for cybercriminals to fake. Regardless of which factors you use, they must be frequently updated to stop any data breaches, accidental or otherwise.

Security Insurance

In the end, no system is ever perfect. Zero-day attacks exploit in security, and human error, accidental or not, can never be entirely prevented. And for this reason, small businesses have to start embracing cyber insurance policies. These help cover the damages that may occur even under a top-of-the-line security system. Consider this as an extra security blanket in case of a data breach.

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