Industries that Are Impacted by the Internet of Things

Industries that Are Impacted by the Internet of Things

Almost every industry today is set to grow from the emergence of connected devices, appliances, and networks.

When you think of the Internet of Things’ potential to change your daily life, you may think about having a smart fridge that tells you if your milk bottles are going bad or if you’ve left your oven on. However, home automation is only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Almost every industry today is set to grow from the emergence of connected devices, appliances, and networks. For more information on which industries and companies will benefit from the Internet of Things the very most, read on!

The Healthcare Field

Fitness trackers and sensors are some of the most popular types of Internet of Things devices among most consumers. As smart devices become more and more advanced, they’ll become much more integrated into the healthcare industry. As this technology progresses, patients will likely have the choice of giving their doctors access to fitness tracking data to help doctors provide them with treatment recommendations. Also, medical equipment is becoming more frequently equipped with sensors to help doctors with crucial information regarding people’s health. Connected devices can even help cut down on the amount of invasive medical procedures by making people a lot more aware of their health.

Tech Support

Connected devices will have the ability to compile much more data about our entire population than we could even imagine. As a result, there’ll be a much growing need to find better uses for this new influx of data, meaning that big data will be more important than ever. Expect to see more big data companies specialize in explaining and providing insights about the Internet of Things to their consumers, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and even insurance companies. The swift explosion of the Internet of Things has already created a bigger market for social media platforms, websites, and apps that help people manage their Internet of Things devices, and expect more of the same in the future.

Manufacturing Field

The big demand for Internet of Things devices has been a big boon for the manufacturing field. More and more companies are creating smart devices, including smaller startups that are taking advantage of crowdfunding and venture capital to compete with the big dogs in the market. In addition, although a lot of smart devices are now targeted to consumers, expect to see more devices in the future that are more targeted to commercial applications to streamline their business processes.

Advertising and Marketing

Web advertising platforms like Google and Facebook have already figured out how to personalize a web surfer’s usage habits, but the Internet of Things lowers the barrier to entry by increasing the available sources of personal and desired information. Connected devices will quite literally connect all of your online profiles, allowing advertisers to build individual consumer profiles of each person easily. This leads to marketing campaigns and ads that are much more personalized, and therefore effective, due to the IoT.

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