How Data Threats Continue to Evolve

How Data Threats Continue to Evolve

Data threats are not going away, and although data removal tools are becoming more widely available, the threats continue to evolve.

There is a reason why in the year 2024 people are taking data protection into their own hands. There are billions of bytes of data generated daily, leaving us vulnerable to potential data misuse, cybersecurity breaches and attacks, and identity theft. To deal with the evolving risks to sensitive personal information, a lot of people are now focused on ways to delete personal data from the internet, minimize their own digital footprints to stop data brokers from gaining it, and much more. Data threats are not going away, and although data removal tools are becoming more widely available, the threats continue to evolve. Read on for a guide on how data threats continue to evolve into 2024.

Data Broker Threats

A few of the most significant players in the data landscape are data brokers, which are online entities that collect data from your digital footprint and then sell it to other organizations. By doing this, they’re collecting information that could be pieced together to create a digital profile, including everything from your age, name, profession, email address, and phone number as well. With big data becoming such an important part of business success in the last couple of years, the demand for data has grown much more vital, which has subsequently helped data brokers grow despite other data protection acts. As this industry grows, their technology and tactics are developing too, which helps evolve their impact and become more of a threat as time passes. This is why hiring a data security team from En-Net Services is so important to protect your network from potential threats.

Evolving Technology and Its Connection to Data Threats

Speaking of technology, this is another crucial factor to consider in the evolution of the data landscape. One of the main reasons personal data collection is such an issue isn’t necessarily due to the businesses collecting it but what those businesses are doing to protect your data and also keep it out of the hands of any malicious entities. While newer technology like AI can positively impact cybersecurity, they’ve also led to a slight increase in cybercrime since hackers utilize developing technology to infiltrate systems and steal crucial data. With AI, specifically, hackers can generate convincing phishing emails at a very fast rate, automate DDoS attacks, make deep fakes, and even evolve their ransomware and malware to take advantage of an organization’s weak cybersecurity setup. Even with few resources and technical skills, cybercriminals are still able to strike successful cyber breaches. This means online data is more vulnerable than ever, which is why you need a team of experts to help you create a protection and incident response plan.

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