Should You Pay When Attacked With Ransomware?

Should You Pay When Attacked With Ransomware?

Ransomware can be particularly difficult to manage.

Whether it’s spam, malware, or the constant phishing scams in your email inbox, your business faces a number of network security threats each day. Even if you prioritize network security for your business and train employees to identify suspicious emails and websites, you may still find yourself facing ransomware. Ransomware can be particularly difficult to manage. If it does manage to make its way onto your network, ransomware threatens to publish files and other information on your network unless you pay the hacker who has attacked your network. This can compromise your employees’ and customers’ confidential information, which puts companies in a difficult position when faced with ransomware. You may even find yourself asking if you should pay. Here’s how to handle a ransomware attack.

Evolving Cybersecurity Threats

Though you may have trained all your employees to identify fishy emails and avoid clicking on any suspicious links, hackers are constantly evolving their programming to appear more believable. As emails and links get more and more realistic, they will blend in more with whatever web page or email they appear in. Once clicked, ransomware can cause chaos on your network, threatening to publish sensitive information without payment.

In the Event of Ransomware Attack

When ransomware affects your business, your network can seem practically irretrievable. Avoid losing valuable information by backing up your network off-site. A trusted managed services provider can help you protect your network in the event of ransomware attack using backups. If your data has been backed up and ransomware infiltrates a computer on your network, immediately shut down the infected machine and disconnect it from your network entirely. Ransomware can spread, causing a huge headache for your network and slowing business down to a halt.

Should You Pay?

If you haven’t backed up your data off-site, you have the choice to pay or not to pay in the event of ransomware attack. If you pay, you have about a 50% chance of recovering the data from the hacker. If you do not pay, your data will be encrypted so that you won’t be able to recover it even if you remove the malicious software from your network. You’re better safe than sorry with a managed services provider to assist you with the management, storage, and security of your data. Something as simple as backing up your network data can save you a lot of grief in the event of a cyber attack.

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