The Best Ways to Stop a Dangerous Network Breach

The Best Ways to Stop a Dangerous Network Breach

All of your clients should trust you to keep all of their data safe, and even a minor network breach could ruin that trust.

As the leader of an organization, network security should be one of the main priorities. All of your clients should trust you to keep all of their data safe, and even a minor network breach could seriously ruin that trust. Luckily, you could do a handful of different things to mitigate the various network security risks, especially by hiring an IT security team with experience dealing with these types of issues. Read on to learn more on how to stop a dangerous network breach!

Educate Your Employees

By far, one of the smartest ways to prevent a dangerous network breach is by educating your employees on the basics of cybersecurity. Once a network has been infiltrated, it is almost always caused by some kind of human error. Technology is evolving every day, but unfortunately, hackers have the same type of access to the same sort of technology that you do. As quickly as your IT team could come up with newer ways to secure your network, cybercriminals and hackers are actively working on different ways to get through that security setup.

Team Up with a Managed Services Provider

One other way to shore up your network security is to team up with an experienced IT managed services provider. If you do not know, a managed services provider is a company whose job it is to ensure that your organization’s IT network functions the way it is supposed to, all while remaining secure. Your managed services provider will then be able to catch a network breach much sooner and stop it before too much of your valuable data is put at risk.

Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption can definitely help protect your data if a breach happens. Encrypting data also makes it a lot safer to send since not all connections are secure, and if data is fully intercepted, the encryption could keep it from being thoroughly read.

Develop Rules for Using Computers While Working

One other way to effectively prevent a network breach is by having a set of rules for using computers while working at your organization. Employees at your organization should be using a work computer for personal matters, especially personal emails or web browsing. USB drive use and downloads should be heavily regulated too. Plenty of hackers will bury any malicious code in seemingly innocuous downloads off the internet, and this is how they get into your valuable data. Give En-Net Services a call if you’d like to learn more about protecting your data.

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