Tips for Speeding Up a Slow Computer

Tips for Speeding Up a Slow Computer

There is very little that’s more annoying than trying to be productive or even just surfing the internet while battling a slow computer.

There is very little that’s more annoying than trying to be productive or even just surfing the internet while battling a slow computer. Fortunately, a lot of your machine’s sluggishness can be mitigated by completing a few simple tasks. Here are a couple of ways you can speed up your slow computer!

Start-Up Programs

If you notice that your computer takes a while to turn on and boot up, the programs that automatically start running as soon as you turn it on are likely the culprit. To find out what these are on your computer, click the Windows button> click “run”> type “msconfig” into the box> click on the “startup” tab. From here, you can see the start-up programs and delete anything that’s not necessary.


Another common cause of a slow computer is having un-used programs that take up space on your hard drive. The more storage that gets used up, the slower the machine will be. Think of it as trying to go for a jog with a heavy backpack on your back: the more weight you remove, the faster you can run. You can easily just uninstall programs that you no longer use to free up some space and help your slow computer run faster.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been around for many years. It is the web browser that comes pre-installed on all Windows computers. Unfortunately, it is notoriously slow. A simple browser change can make a world of difference!


Adding RAM can significantly increase the speed of your slow computer. Before upgrading, be sure to do a bit of research to find out how much and what type of memory your computer needs.  For most desktops, changing out the RAM is usually as simple as snapping out the existing memory modules and snapping in new ones. It can sometimes be a bit trickier with laptops because things typically have to be unscrewed and removed.

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