What Goes on During a Cyber Attack?

What Goes on During a Cyber Attack?

This week’s blog will cover what happens during a cyber attack in a workplace.

Cyber threats are a widespread occurrence in the 21st century. But have you ever wondered what happens during a cyber-attack? Could cybersecurity training and, specifically, incident response training help out with the chaos and mayhem that follows with it? This week’s blog will cover what happens during a cyber attack in a workplace. Read on to learn what goes down and how you can protect your organization against an attack!

Mistakes Will Be Made During the Process

This is a bit of stating the obvious, but still something worth mentioning. Decisions are made in a hurry in a state of panic induced by a cyber attack. Facts aren’t communicated clearly with all stakeholders. Too often, organizations that have been under attack fail to inform regulators in a timely manner, which can lead to fines or a loss of your business reputation. Once a cyber attack happens, if you have a dependable incident response place set up and correct actions to fall back on, the chances are that inadvertent and careless mistakes will be significantly reduced during the attack. Your employees will know what they should do and shouldn’t do in this situation.

Communication Issues

Inconsistent communication is an often-seen byproduct of a normal cyber attack. Due to charged emotions, mayhem, and chaos, communication threads in a crisis start to become corrupted and colored with personal prejudices and notions. This must be avoided at all costs. Apart from further adding to the confusion, unclear communications could lead to more damage and confusion to your businesses in the rare occurrences of a data breach. A proper network security plan could stop cybercriminals from breaching your system and make communications between you and your organization’s employees easier in the bigger picture.

Removal of Evidence

The most common problem that usually emerges in incident response is the removal of any evidence. Essential evidence of the cyber attack and its occurrence is typically deleted, either by mistake or on purpose. The integrity of evidence is crucial for incident responses. It helps the IT and security team in helping understand the kind of attack methodology and helps figure out what could be done to control it from spiraling out of control and for preventing similar scenarios from occurring in the future. Make sure your organization’s employees have consistent training that makes preserving the crucial evidence second nature in times of disaster and having a cyber incident response checklist that every employee is familiar with can help as well.

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