Why Choose Fiber Optic Network Cables?

Why Choose Fiber Optic Network Cables?

Fiber optic cords can improve your network!

Many network cables are copper—it’s inexpensive and an industry mainstay. But in many cases, fiber optic cables could be a better option despite a slightly higher price point. Take a look at these 5 reasons to consider fiber optic cables over copper ones, your business will thank you.

Faster Transmission

The speed of wire transmission can be discussed in terms of photons and electrons and their speeds relative to one another. Fiber optic transmission is much faster. In fact, fiber optic wires transmit at speeds only 31% slower than the speed of light.

Less Attenuation

When transmitting signals across long distances, copper wires tend to lose more signal than their fiber optic counterparts. This means that fiber optic wires have lower attenuation than copper, and can transmit information much further—up to 24.8 miles compared to copper’s 9,328 feet.

Resistance to Electromagnetic Interference

EMI, or electromagnetic interference, can be produced by copper wires if not properly installed. This can cause serious problems in your network. Fiber optic cables, however, do not conduct electricity like copper wires do, so this problem can be completely avoided.

Fire Hazards

Copper wires need to be replaced in order to avoid fire hazards since they conduct electricity. Since fiber optic cables transmit light and do not conduct electricity, they carry less risk and do not need to be replaced as often.


While copper wires need to be replaced, not only because of fire hazards but also due to frequent damage, fiber optic wires do not. They are less prone to damage even though fiber optic wire cores are made of glass. This means you’ll have a more reliable system that needs fewer replacements.

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