Your Many Options with a Fiber Optic High-Speed Internet Connection

Your Many Options with a Fiber-Optic High-Speed Internet Connection

Fiber optic cabling is an essential piece of technology today.

Each day, more and more of our day-to-day work, education, communication, and entertainment takes place on the internet. This activity requires high-speed and reliable internet connections that can help serve multiple users and devices on one reliable network. In addition to the widespread use of smartphones and smart devices, internet access, and the overall development of new modern 5G technology, fiber optics are an essential piece of technology. The high-speed Internet they provide to users is crucial for the progression of online communication’s efficiency and progress. So, what does this really mean for the future of wireless communications? Read on to learn so much more!

What Does a Fiber Optic Connection Do?

The makeup of fiber optic cables is what makes them so valuable. The cables usually consist of strands that are as thin as hair made of glass, all bundled together in cables. This stand reflects light particles off of each other as they quickly transmit data. This will allow for signals to travel quicker than other connections, even as quickly as 800 gigabits per second.

What Are You Capable of with a High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet Connection?

A lot of data centers today are only producing around 100 to 200 GBPS of data at any given time. This bandwidth is very fast already, but it might be slightly slower when it is divided between multiple users on a network. A speed of 800 GBPS would be a huge jump in high-speed connectivity. With a high-speed connection, your network can support advanced cloud computing, machine learning, and also artificial intelligence development. More importantly, it would mean that uploading or downloading files and data might take place over seconds instead of a few minutes. You can stream 4k videos with no interruptions, which is perfect for conference calls, you can also make phone calls that sound crystal clear with minimal latency. The way you communicate, work, and entertain yourself online would change drastically.

Is It Possible to Experience Fiber Optic High-Speed Internet Today?

When you pick the right company, like En-Net Services, a fiber optic connection is a turn-key wireless solution to all of your problems. This means that once installed, the system is ready to use immediately. A lot of fiber-optic systems are able to be installed in a matter of a few hours, and you can usually have a connection tailored to meet all of your needs. Fiber optic high-speed internet is available throughout the country and is becoming more affordable, effective, and accessible with each passing day – so consider fiber optic cabling today!

En-Net Services Can Help Today

Experience a superior method of getting the public sector technology solutions you need through forming a partnership with En-Net Services. Our seasoned team members are familiar with the distinct purchasing and procurement cycles of state and local governments, as well as FederalK-12 education, and higher education entities. En-Net is a certified Maryland Small Business Reserve with contract vehicles and sub-contracting partnerships to meet all contracting requirements.

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