3 of the Best Cyber-Security Tips For Valentine’s Day

3 of the Best Cyber-Security Tips For Valentine's Day

Even though Valentine’s Day is one of romance and love, that doesn’t mean that cybercriminals decide to take the day off.

Even though Valentine’s Day is one of romance and love, that does not mean that cybercriminals decide to take the day off. Instead, they are fully aware of how vulnerable you might be if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Cybercriminals are known to hide behind a persona that will help make them seem more approachable. Some call this “catfishing,” but this type of fraud can also come in the form of phishing. Cybercriminals will do anything they can to access your information, which is why it is essential to know exactly what to look out for. Here are three tips to ensure that you and your online personal data stay secure this Valentine’s Day.

Never Turn Over Personal Information To a Stranger

This probably sounds like common sense, but for proper cyber-security, it’s a basic rule to follow. Cybercriminals go in for the long-con, they will approach you via email or social media using a fake account and get you to talk to them. Despite the fact, if you think the person has good intentions, never give them any personal information. They can do this by asking simple questions like “what’s your mother’s maiden name? Which high school did you go to?” These are the same questions you list down as your security questions for your critical online accounts. Be very wary about how much information you’re telling people you just met online, as this is the key to true cyber-security.

Refuse Access to Your Bank Account

So, let’s say you have an online friend who wants to come to visit you, but they can’t seem to come up with the money to go to your hometown to see you for the first time. They then ask you if you could transfer them some money. Do NOT do it! Warning bells should be going off if someone you’re only online friends with decides to ask you for some financial help. You can’t be too careful in today’s hectic state of cyber-security, cybercriminals will do whatever it takes to gain access to your personal funds and information.

Do Not Click Strange Links

Perhaps you got a Facebook message from a girl who’s profile picture is cute, or a guy who is holding an adorable kitten in his cover photo. The entire message is a link to a website that you do not recognize. Don’t let those pictures fool you. That link is malicious, and this person is all out for your personal data. This link could be a virus that could contain malware that allows this person access to all of your computer’s cookies and browser history. Be smart when you see these kinds of profiles and links, you can never be too safe when it comes to cyber-security.

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