Tips for Safeguarding Your Business Against Phishing Attacks

Tips for Safeguarding Your Business Against Phishing Attacks

Hackers will always try to invade your private networks.

Hackers will always try to invade your private networks. Allowing sensitive information to leak, especially when it comes to your employees or customers, can make your company look bad. That’s why you need to take every measure possible to protect yourself against any potential phishing attacks that might come your way.

Be Skeptical

Skepticism is a good way to keep your company’s servers safe. Most of the time, this comes down to common sense. You know these threats are out there. Don’t get overconfident, because human error can creep into your best efforts to defend your network security. Investigate the source of the email. If it gives you a gut feeling, then trust the vibe you get. It won’t steer you wrong. Fines or legal action by the authorities can be a reach, especially when you know you haven’t done anything wrong.

Think Before You Click

Critical thinking is a bit of a lost art. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be too careful. In other words, think before you click. Everything you and your employees do will have consequences, even if you can’t tell what those are right away. Send any fishy emails to your in-house IT team and let them deal with it. If they suggest outsourcing the problem, then it’s a good idea to listen to them. That’s one of the reasons you pay them after all. Let your cursor hover over any hyperlinks that look suspicious.

Look for Suspicious Addresses

Another good approach is to consider where the phishing email came from in the first place. Signatures can be loaded with hostile programs or malware, as can any attachments that you might be tempted to open. Make sure the URL associated with your website is given the HTTPS designation, which means that the site is secured.

Watch Where You Go

Be sure to watch where you go on the web. It might be useful to install tracking software that monitors the emails going in and out of your servers. By doing this, you can pinpoint where the origin of any hacking or phishing attempts might have come from if something does end up happening.

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