A Guide to Endpoint Detection and Response: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

A Guide to Endpoint Detection and Response: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Protect your IT infrastructure from outside threats!

In the growing and rapidly evolving digital age, it is always surprising to see just how your life is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. For many people nowadays, their worlds revolve around technology, both in their personal and professional lives. If something were to happen to your computer or smartphone, there is no telling sometimes just how damaging that can be. Sure, there are situations where an incident with your laptop or smartphone is unavoidable and you could not do anything to save it, but there are plenty of situations where you can take the necessary precaution to preserve its life and role in your everyday life. This is especially true when it comes to advanced threat protection and possible security risks to your network, which endpoint detection and response is capable of helping with.

Endpoint Detection and Response defined

By now you are probably wondering what exactly is endpoint detection and response? Well to put it simply, it is a form of searching for and investigating suspicious activities that stem from other hosts, or endpoints. When it comes to security capabilities, it is quite similar to other forms of advanced threat protection utilized to help keep you safe from outside threats, and can even be considered as one form of advanced threat protection. It is an emerging technological tool in the industry whose purpose is to meet the newfound need for constant monitoring and response to advanced threats.

Why Endpoint detection and response matters

Endpoint detection and response matters because it is becoming an increasingly important and essential feature for any security system. It is a form of security that is capable of performing its many functions autonomously, meaning there is no need for manual detecting, identifying, or responding to any anomalies unless chosen to do so. Endpoint detection and response also offers a variety of uses, including data search and investigations, suspicious activity detection, data exploration, data encryption, among other capabilities.

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