Advantages and Drawbacks of a BYOD Policy

Advantages and Drawbacks of a BYOD Policy

Depending on your needs, BYOD can be either a perfect or horrible solution.

When looking into the possibilities for workplace devices, there are several schools of thought on the efficacy and security of Bring Your Own Device programs. Some companies find the BYOD programs are an effective way to save money and decrease overlap for their employees, for others the security threats are too high. Depending on your needs, BYOD can be either a perfect or horrible solution. Today we’ll walk you through some of the advantages and drawbacks.


Initially, BYOD helps reduce your costs as an employer. When you aren’t paying for the device outright, you can save yourself some capital. Your staff will be able to claim part of the cost of their equipment and phone bill as a business expense making the payoff work on both ends. Additionally, it helps ensure that they’re using a device they are comfortable and familiar with decreasing the need for training. Depending on the level of security needed, a newer phone may have enough built-in protection to meet your requirements. It also helps decrease the number of items staff have to keep track of and limits repetition.


Despite the advantages, there are many situations that make BYOD problematic. If you need a higher level of security, many personal devices may not cut the bill. In addition, if your staff is using those devices for unsecured means like games, surfing the internet, or answering personal email, the threat of security breaches can be increased. Along with security threats, using a personal phone at work can be a dangerous road for distracted personnel and, alternatively, can lead to a bad work-life balance that leaves staff jaded and overworked. Last but not least, depending on salary and personal circumstances, your employees may not have a personal device that fits your needs. As an employer, it may be inappropriate to rely on your staff to purchase a high end, expensive device and phone plan solely for job purposes.

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