Consolidating Your Data Center

Consolidating Your Data Center

Consolidating your data center can save space and energy!

There comes a point in a small businesses life when it’s time to consider retiring your data center. Not only do they take up substantial space and energy, but with new options and technological advancements, they are no longer the most effective.

Why Consolidate Your Data Center?

As your business grows, your data center will slowly but steadily require more and more space. At a certain point, it can become inefficient to continue utilizing. Data centers can incur high operational costs due to redundant personnel, high energy use, and old hardware. Insufficient data centers can also take up significant amounts of energy, making them incredibly environmentally unfriendly. Plus, moving to a service provider can ensure that you’re receiving reliable service that you simply can not get with an in-house data server.

Who Will Provide Your Replacement Data Center Services?

The first question that occurs when a data center is consolidated is usually “where will our data go?” The answer is one of two options, an in-house data center or a service provider. Choosing a service provider is often one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency as they are better able to adjust their environment to consolidate and accommodate the equipment.

The Challenges of Data Center Migration and Consolidation

One of the most significant challenges when consolidating a data center is the effect on employees. Often a consolidation results in layoffs and relocations, this can cause substantial and understandable concern for employees. Creating an open dialogue about the process and the plan will help to reduce the tension in the office and to prevent any workplace squabbles. If employees will be laid off during the consolidation, it’s best to have communication be early and frequent so that they may make plans and allow for a smooth transition.

En-Net Services Can Help Today

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