Data Management in the Cloud

Data Management in the Cloud

Data management and protection are key components to success in business.

Data management and protection are key components to success in business. From human error to better efficiency, there are many reasons why you should consider using the cloud. Read on for more insight into data management in the cloud.  

Data Management

The landscape of cybercrime continues to become more and more sophisticated and advanced by the day. With that said, it has become that much more important to create solutions that keep data safe and secure. At the same time, people expect to have instant access to data from various platforms and devices. Solutions need to be simple, cost-effective, easy to manage, and fast. Tape media was once a viable and economical option for data protection but has now become less efficient, especially for companies that have large amounts of data — they require more time and resources.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup answers many questions surrounding data archiving needs. Cloud storage makes data much simpler to store and quicker to access when necessary. In many cases, it only takes a few steps to restore data. It’s a low cost, low effort option that many companies have come to rely on rather than having to designate a large team of people responsible for ensuring that backups are happening frequently and correctly. Some cloud platforms offer SLA options and will even automatically move to different tiers based on policies. In many cases, companies have requirements that require data to be stored for a set amount of time, sometimes years or even indefinitely. Because most will never need to be accessed, there is more tolerance for a slight delay.

Cloud Advantages

In addition to the ease of use and access for backup purposes, there are many other advantages associated with the cloud as well. First, the public cloud can be used for analytics projects, testing, and development. It is also incredibly cost-effective because it gives you the option to simply pay for only what you use. There is no physical equipment that you need to maintain and manage onsite. Also, it’s easy to replicate across multiple cloud data centers.

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