Tips for Ensuring Secure Mobile Access

Tips for Ensuring Secure Mobile Access

Keep your network secure!

While IT teams were once able to restrict their security concerns to the office, today’s mobile workforce requires security solutions on the go. Information needs to be accessed instantly and ubiquitously at the office, from laptops, and on mobile devices. Organizations are looking for new ways to create effective security solutions while maintaining their mobility.  

There’s More To Security Than Passwords

While passwords were once the mainstay of security research is beginning to show that passwords alone can’t protect us the way they used to. Of all the data breaches in 2017, a 2018 Verizon investigation reported that the number one cause was stolen credentials. This fact, combined with research showing that over 1.4 billion username and password combinations were compromised in 2017 alone has led most security professionals to turn to a multi-point security program. Biometric and token authentication have advanced significantly in the last several years making it far more accessible for everyday use. While there are some disadvantages to biometrics (recent studies are showing that fingerprints are not as unique as we once thought), using fingerprint, facial, or voice recognition in combination with a password can create a highly secure system. A token-based system requires users to carry a device to confirm identity, some of these include numeric password generators that produce a randomized, single-use passcode. Depending on your organization’s needs these methods, or a combination of them, can help to create an easy to use a system that is secure.

Security For “Bring Your Own Device” Needs

Many consumers are looking for the ability to use their own personal devices for both work and leisure. While this may simplify matters on the employee end, it does lead to a unique set of challenges for IT. Half of the battle here may just be to regulate how much sensitive information can be accessed from a mobile device. Mobile Device Management systems can allow for IT departments to manage both personal and professional devices within a business and allow for data wiping in case of a stolen item. These systems can also ensure that all devices that may handle sensitive data are meeting some security levels. The technology and workforce options for mobile device management are continually evolving, but even a savvy IT team may still need to work with employees to ensure data is appropriately accessed to prevent security breaches.

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