How to Remove Unused Servers from Your Cloud

How to Remove Unused Servers from Your Cloud

Don’t pay for more cloud servers than your organization needs.

One troublesome challenge to using a cloud-based system for your organization is the “zombie server.” This is a phenomenon of paying for servers that go completely unused. This can mean that your subscription rate is too high–that is, you are subscribed to more server space than you are using. In order to save time and money, you’ll want to take care of these unused servers one way or another. Here are a few solutions for removing unused servers from your cloud service.

Dropping Subscriptions

Some of your subscriptions may be the cause of unused servers when it comes to your cloud service. This will be easier with some subscriptions than with others and may require you to keep an eye on alternatives that other users in your organization may be using. However, you may be stuck dealing with the complications of multi-tiered subscriptions, such as certain packages of office software, that effectively lock you into a level of subscription that fosters the “zombie server” phenomenon. This means that subscriptions should be viewed carefully and feature sets should be examined to make sure that the subscription will not be inviting unused servers. Overall, dropping subscriptions can be a cost-effective way of organizing and cleaning out your organization’s unused servers.

Increasing Workloads

Another way to eliminate unused servers is to increase workloads. You’ll need to make sure that your organization is not using services that are so similar that you are essentially paying for them twice. This will help to increase workloads, remove unused servers, and even save money. From a financial standpoint, this solution can be very helpful if you find your organization is dealing with a lot of unused servers.

Managing Usage

Subscription management is a good way to eliminate unused servers while also getting a better idea of how effective your organization’s usage is. This can be taken on using a subscription management tool or by using a service to manage and analyze your subscriptions. A one-time assessment can be helpful for establishing a better understanding of the problem and is a bit less costly than a longer-term solution such as a software package. However, this management should be kept up over the long-term in order to make sure that the problem of unused servers does not become a recurring issue for your organization, so long-term management can be more cost-effective in the long run.

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