How to Stay Protected from Cyber Threats this Summer

How to Stay Protected from Cyber Threats this Summer

You have also to take cyber precautions, even while on summer vacation.

This summer, along with precautions like sunscreen, travel insurance, bug spray, and keeping safe while on vacation. However, you have also to take cyber precautions. This is because cybercriminals want your money just as much as any other pickpocketer. If they can’t steal your money, then they will steal additional information and sell it online. To make sure you or your company’s data is safe online as you are at the beach, here are a couple of practical tips to keep you safe and sound this summer!

Stay Connected At All Times

As you travel, you’ll probably want to log into different public access Wi-Fi points. While a lot of these are perfectly safe, criminals looking to swipe your data will usually post phony Wi-Fi access points so they can intercept your data between you and your online shopping website, home security system, bank, work email, or wherever else you browse to. This is very common at coffee shops or airports, especially – places where you have a minute to sit down and log in.

This can also occur without you being aware of it. Newer smart devices automatically search for known connection spots, like your home Wi-Fi network. There are a handful of things you can do to protect yourself from fake Wi-Fi connections. These include asking the place of business for the name of their Wi-Fi SSID before you link up or installing a VPN software onto your device so you can make safe, encrypted, and secure connections. You could also get in touch with a cybersecurity company for some sound advice.

Weak Device Passwords

We tend to use plenty of websites that require a login, so remembering a unique password for every website might be impossible. It is why people usually tend to use the same password for all websites or accounts. However, if somebody manages to steal your password for one account, then they now have your password for everything. Here is a checklist of some things to do:

  • Use a password vault that stores passwords and usernames for each of your accounts.
  • Use two-factor authentication when possible.
  • Set a reminder on your calendar to set up new passwords every couple of weeks

Monitor Social Media and Your Company Devices

Avoid announcing your trips on social media sites. While it might be fun to let everyone know what you’re up to, it also lets certain folks know you’re gone, which could put you or your devices at risk. Hiring an IT contractor to protect and monitor the statuses of your accounts and devices is one of the best ways to protect yourself against any possible attacks this summer.

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