How to Tell If Your Organization’s Network Has Been Compromised

How to Tell If Your Organization’s Network Has Been Compromised

There are some clear and obvious signs that your network has been fully compromised.

Organizations of each size and shape are always threatened by cybersecurity hacking attempts. As safe as your organization’s network may seem, you could still become a victim of costly cyber-attacks or other hacking attempts. Even if you use the correct firewalls, subscribe to different security programs, and keep an eye out for the latest phishing email scams, there are some clear and obvious signs that your network has been fully compromised. To learn about a few indications that your organization’s network has been compromised, read on!

Unrecognized or Unauthorized Programs on Your Organization’s Network

Pay close attention to the file directories on your organization’s computer. Any unauthorized programs that have started appearing are a clear indication that your network security has been compromised. Look out for unfamiliar programs that may have been installed on the network and look for a more clear explanation. If you assume that employees have installed these, it could result in a much bigger set of security issues somewhere in the future. Also, do not click on any programs, no matter what they might say. It could be an invasion of your personal or organization’s network the minute you click on it. Instead, consider reaching out to your organization’s managed services provider or IT team to take on these threats.

Spam Emails Sent from Other Organization Accounts to Your Network

This is a noticeable and common sign that something is wrong with your network security settings: spam emails. These emails might look real to the recipients, including clients and employees, since they seem to be sent from your organization’s computers, devices, or email addresses. Unfortunately, this will not just compromise your IT but all of the subscribers, too. Prevent the spread of cybersecurity threats by having a managed services provider to help fix the problem as quickly as you can.

The Network Website or Home Page Redirects to a Different Website

Do a search online for your business website. Does it link to a normal visit to your website, or does it result in an error message or redirect you to a completely different website? This is a clear sign that your website is currently under a cyber-attack and that potentially malicious software is now integrated into your system. In case of any of these issues, you should get in touch with the managed services provider so the organization can undergo a security audit immediately. A trusted and certified IT team or managed services provider from En-Net can protect your domain, network, and website. Give us a call if you’d like to learn about our services!

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