Huge Reasons Why Fiber Optic Internet is So Great

Huge Reasons Why Fiber Optic Internet is So Great

Fiber optic internet has been around for a few decades, but it has actual advantages compared to the traditional connectivity options.

What is so fantastic about fiber optic internet connections? It has become the golden standard due to its quick, high-quality data transmission for facilities and businesses. Fiber optic internet has been around for a few decades, but it has actual advantages compared to the traditional connectivity options. Allow us to take a look at some ways fiber optic Internet is much better than the standard connection!

Fiber Optic Internet Has Improved Bandwidth

Fiber depends on light versus electricity for transmitting data, facilitating much quicker connections capable of handling higher bandwidth. Copper wire infrastructure does not go the distance, and it is not as safe. The transmission of clear voice calls was copper cable’s original intended use when the bandwidth was not a hot commodity.

Fiber Allows for Much Quicker Download and Upload Speeds

You will notice quicker upload and download speeds once you switch to fiber optic Internet speeds. Fiber optics could transmit data at one gigabit per second, a lot quicker than broadband service (25 Mbps for uploads and then three Mbps for downloads). Another perspective is that a few downloads that take much longer, such as 22 minutes, would take eight seconds with fiber optics.

Fiber Optic Internet Travels a Long Distance

Fiber optic connections are great for long-haul networks and benefits cellphone towers, even in remote spaces. A signal on a fiber optic cable could travel around to 60 miles on a single-mode cable too.

Addressing Cybersecurity Concerns

Cybersecurity is a worry for millions of different business owners. Fiber optic cables are a very cost-effective way to immediately increase Internet security. Intercepting copper cables by connecting taps onto a line to pick up the electronic signals is possible. However, it is incredibly hard to do the same with some fiber optics. Fiber optics also make it easy to quickly identify compromised cables, which also emit light from any transmissions.

Less Susceptible to Any Environmental Factors

Fiber is immune to any environmental factors that usually affect copper, making it durable and reliable. Since a fiber optic cable’s core consists of glass, a natural insulator, no electric flow could go through it. Fiber is a lot less sensitive to temperature fluctuation. You could even submerge a fiber optic cable right into the water as well.

Fiber Optic Cables Are Much Smaller

You might be wondering why this matters. When it comes to copper wires, the Internet’s speed correlates to the weight of the cable. More cables are necessary for a business to reach high speeds, taking up a lot more space in a business’ telecommunication room. Since fiber doesn’t correlate with size, it is much lighter than copper wires too. Therefore, you will not have to use as much space in smaller-sized rooms.

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